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Interior Wall Cracks: What will a licensed Home Inspector in Columbia Columbia, SC Tell You Before You Buy a Home     When a crack develops in plaster or drywall, putting a framed picture over the offending imperfection may hide it from view, but it won’t make the problem disappear. In addition to being unsightly, wall and ceiling cracks may indicate serious structural […]

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Home Inspections The Midlands Expectations

A-Pro’s goal is to perform the best, most comprehensive home inspections in Columbia. Good decisions and successful home sales depend on educated consumers, and we believe home inspectors play an invaluable role in the process. Through industry-leading home inspections Columbia, strong communication, balanced reporting and a desire to add value to real estate transactions, A-Pro home […]

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NHIE PRESS RELEASE|Certified Home Inspectors Lexington, SC

    Press Release For Immediate Release Date: 01/15/2017 Contact: Dee White Phone: E-mail: DeeWhite@A-Pro.net Dee White of A-Pro Home Inspection Services of The Midlands HAS PASSED THE NATIONAL HOME INSPECTOR EXAMINATION. Dee White of A-Pro Home Inspections also serves as one of the few certified home inspectors Columbia, SC has taken and passed the nationally-recognized National Home Inspection Examination. […]

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Roof Covering Materials

The roof covering materials primary purpose is as a weather shield to the interior of the home. Your A-Pro The Midlands Home Inspector will inspect the roof and identify and report the roof covering materials type as well as any visible conditions that prohibit the roofing material from performing its job. Your A-Pro Home Inspector […]

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▶ Drone Roof Inspection Columbia SC

A-Pro takes Home Inspections to new Heights! With the use of drones licensed aviator Dee White was the first inspector in the area to use drone technology to inspect roofs. This drone roof inspection technology has many advantages since many roof types should not be walked on or may have too steep of a pitch […]

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